Border fortress in Monastir, Tunisia

Welcome to the Sahara!

Tunisia is located in the north of Africa and borders on the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the diversity of Tunisia with its beautiful landscapes, historical places from ancient times and interesting culture.

From the Sahara to mountain village and oasis hikes to camel tours – in Tunisia, nature lovers and culture enthusiasts are guaranteed to get their money’s worth! Adventure fans will be thrilled by the quad tours and safaris by off-road vehicle.

But of course, beach vacationers also get their money’s worth: in addition to the vacation region of Hammamet, located on the mainland, a stay on Africa’s largest Mediterranean island of Djerba is a particularly good option.

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Figures, data, facts.

Everything important at a glance

4 Airports

9 hours of sunshine per day

163.610 km² Area

9.4 million vacationers per year

The weather in Tunisia

The weather is perfect for a beach vacation most of the year. The best time for this is from April to October. From November to March it gets cooler, especially in the north of Tunisia. For those who want to experience the Sahara, the months of April and May and September and October are ideal. Then it is not too hot and there is little rain.

In the desert regions, the temperature can rise to 45 °C. The Sahara can even crack the 50 °C mark, with temperatures dropping to 0 °C in winter. The north of Tunisia drags rain showers, which decrease towards the south.

Tips for the vacation

Absolutely recommendable is the Tunisian cuisine, with its variety and aromatic spices. Also try the mint tea, which is drunk by the locals. Tunisian sweets, such as baklava or dates, are also popular.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, you’ll find plenty of options in the form of stylish hand-woven rugs, high-quality leather goods or picture-perfect jewelry. Tunisia is also known for its pottery, which is often painted blue. When haggling, it is important to be friendly and keep a sense of humor. This way you will get the best price!


Be sure to visit the El Djem Kolussum. This ancient Roman theater was a venue for spectacular gladiator fights. For Star Wars fans, Matmata is a must-see: it’s home to Luke Skywalker himself! Day trips are possible from the south of Tunisia.

Don’t miss the fascinating salt lakes of Chott el-Djerid, or see firsthand how dates are grown in the oasis! If you would like to explore the famous Sahara Desert, camel rides are a great way to do so. In Tozeur, again, you will find a beautiful old town and can join a Star Wars movie set tour. The beautiful mountain village of Chebika is also worth a visit.

Entry and visa

German citizens require a visa. This can be obtained upon entry directly at the airport for a fee of approx. EUR 32 – ECCO-Reisen will take care of providing it. Should you obtain your visa in advance at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin or at the Consulates General in Frankfurt and Hamburg (also for a fee) or otherwise by yourself, please inform us in advance.


For further details on entry requirements and your country of destination, please visit the website of the German Foreign Office at: www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/ReiseUndSicherheit/reise-und-sicherheitshinweise

Sidi Bou Said, village of the arts in Tunisia
oriental spice and pigment market
Camel lies in the sand
Cathedral St. St. Vincent de Paul in Tunis, Tunisia
Pool area with sunbeds and palm trees
Cliff with sea view
Sidi Bou Said, village of the arts in Tunisia
Woman with straw hat stands among ruins

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